Newborn Essentials- Birth to 1 month

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Newborn Essentials- Birth to 1 month

Our sweet Zoë Jane turns a month old tomorrow 😭(when I’m writing this post)! Seriously where does the time go? In the first month we’ve been through a lot with our little peanut (I’ll get into that in another blog post!) but I decided to film a YouTube video today about the things we’ve needed and loved most in Zoë’s first month of life! You can find the video ‘Newborn Essentials Birth to One Month’ on my Youtube channel or in my Youtube tab here on my blog.

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These are just a few items that we’ve been loving,

Zoë has such dry skin, especially since we brought her home from the children’s hospital a week and a half ago. The poor baby had so many tubes and wires hooked to her along with tape and bandaids and her skin was definitely showing it. I couldn’t find a lotion that I liked smell and consistency wise that I wanted to use on her sensitive skin. Until I found the Baby Bum products! Our local Target carries the Baby Bum brand and I decided to grab some of their lotion while we were there last, not only is the smell absolutely heavenly but the consistency of it is amazing! It is a bit pricy ($9.99) for 8oz, but it is vegan, paraben free, silicone free, and petroleum free. It also contains monoi coconut oil and shea butter. I only have to use half a pea size amount on each body part in order to giver her a good layer of moisture! The heavenly beach smell lingers for quite a while which I love, and it absorbs really fast while still being moisturizing! Definitely my new favorite baby lotion!!

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Next is the Johnson’s baby shampoo, not much to say other than this has always been a favorite for my newborns. I used this exact shampoo on my eldest who is now 7 and on my 3 year old. It makes your baby smell like new baby again. It lathers great and cleans well. We can find Johnson’s products just about anywhere around us and the shampoo usually retails for about ($4.99) for 20oz.

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The Kinsa ear thermometer is great! When we came home from the children’s hospital with Zoë we needed to watch her temperature to make sure she didn’t spike any fevers, not only is this thermometer super fast but it’s also Bluetooth capable so you can create a profile for everyone in your house and save their temperature reading so you can track any fevers. We purchased ours at Target for around $30 (I had a rebate and target had an offer on cartwheel) but it retailed for $39 at the time.

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Another item that we purchased because of the hospital was the Frida Baby Nose Frida, poor Zoë having RSV caused her to have so much congestion and so much drainage down the back of her throat that she couldn’t breath or eat. I actually had the Nose Frida on our baby registry but took it off thinking we wouldn’t need it and then our last day in the children’s hospital our nurse recommended we grab it. I’m SO glad we did because it has helped on so many occasions just in the week and a half since we got it. Our Nose Frida retailed for ($19.99) at Target and it also came with saline spray that is safe for babies and replacement filters as well!

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Carters baby clothes are seriously some of the cutest clothes for new babies in my opinion. We just went to our local Carters and picked up some more newborn things since Zoë will be in them for a while, and they were having an awesome sale which is always nice! If you want cute sets for spring/summer or fall/winter Carters is the place to go! They also have an email sign up and they send promotions and coupons all the time, they also have a rewards program for every $1 you spend you get 1 point and 100 points equals $10 off!


Our favorite towel to use on Zoë is this unicorn one by Cloud Island which is a Target carried brand! Cloud Island has some of the cutest baby things, I have to sit on my hands every time I’m near it so I don’t buy one of everything. This towel is SO soft and a really good size, it’s also nice and cozy warm so baby doesn’t freeze after a tubby! This towel retails for ($12.99) but if you sign up for a Target baby registry and you pick up your free goody bag there’s a Cloud Island coupon inside! And when you get close enough to your due date Target will send you a 15% off coupon to use on your registry items that are left as well.

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So my three year old, Kinsley would never take a binky for any reason, so when I purchased a giraffe Wubbanub from Target for Zoë I was a little worried she wouldn’t use it. But to my surprise she absolutely loves the thing, it is pricy for a binky ($13.99) but there’s so many cute animals to choose from to match your baby’s personality or outfit that it makes it fun to collect them! We recently added the baby unicorn to our collection and it’s her absolute favorite!

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One of the downfalls of the Wubbanub is there’s no way to actually store it, the animal doesn’t detach from the binky so there’s really no where to put the binky when it’s not in use so that it doesn’t get dirty. It’s not very sanitary to put it in a baggie because there’s no ventilation; you don’t want to just throw it in your diaper bag because there’s dirt and germs. So I was struggling with the idea of her ninny always being dirty until one day a company on Instagram commented on a picture of Zoë using her Wub. So I contacted the company called The Keepsie and asked if they would be interested in collabing and they said yes! I was sent The Keepsie free of charge and told them in exchange I would love to do a review of it. Let me tell you I already loved it before it got to my door. It’s such a simple invention but so genius for something that so many kids love! Here it is on our Unicorn WubbaNub.

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Second to last item is the Dr Brown’s bottles. While in the hospital the Occupational Therapists came in and wanted to make sure the reason Zoë was having apnea spells while eating wasn’t because of something she had going on in her own body. As they watched her eat using a bottle (as to avoid an apnea spell while nursing) they determined she is a champ at eating (which I of course already new) after that they were leaning more towards my let down just being to much for her while she was sick (which I had already brought up but no one listened to me). Before Zoë was sick she had no problems eating at all. Anyway the bottle they had Zoë use because it’s one of the best was the Dr Brown’s bottles with preemie nipples. The bottles made it possible for Zoë’s NG tube to come out so we could slowly work back to nursing again instead of bottles. Now we just have the bottles as back up or Incase we want to give her some pumped milk to monitor how much she’s eating every once in a while.

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And last but not least is our Mumbelli, another product that was graciously sent to me to review! Zoë absolutely loves her Mumbelli!! So do Josh and I 😉 the first night we brought Zoë home and put her in it she slept like a rock, babies are honestly so spoiled! That little bed is so stinking comfy I’m jealous! It also has a little slanted pillow you can slide under the mattress which helped when Zoë was all congested.

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I hope this post wasn’t to long and you guys got some helpful information out of it!

– Cara

Jun 12, 2018

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