1 Month – 2 Month Necessities

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Hey guys! I decided to put together a 1 – 2 month necessities post for you guys! Just a few of the things we’ve really been using for Zoë in this time frame and have loved! And of course I’m late to the game as Zoë is about to turn 3 months old in a few days 😭

The first thing is Honest Company Wipes. With Kinsley we had used Huggies wipes and they worked fine but I’ve found the Huggies wipes to be be kind of rough on poor Zoë. Honest company wipes are a bit pricy (a travel size thing of wipes is about $5 at Target) we are hoping to start the Honest Company Subscription very soon which should hopefully save some money!

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Huggies Diapers and Honest Company Diapers. Again with Olivia & Kinsley we used Luvs diapers after they got out of Newborn Huggies and they were perfect, we never really seemed to have an issue until Kinsley turned 2; then for some reason her Luvs didn’t fit and we had to go back to Huggies. But little Miss Zoë must be shaped differently because Luvs don’t fit her the right way at all. She’s always leaking. So Huggies little snugglers and Honest Company is where it’s at for us! (Huggies & Honest Co run about 25ish doallars a box depending on the size or where you purchase)

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Our 4moms Mamaroo has been a life save for us! Zoë loves movement, she doesn’t cry if she’s still but she doesn’t sleep as well at nap time if she’s still. The Mamaroo has just given us an “extra pair of hands” basically. (We paid after tax about $190 at Target when they were having a sale; 3they usually go for about $220) We figured the price was worth it because it would take the place of a swing and bouncer.

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And of course we are still loving our Wubbanubs. Definitely more so loving the Baby Unicorn but I think that’s just because it’s smaller in size so Zoë can actually grab onto it. (Wubbanubs are usually around 14.99 and we got our giraffe at Target and baby unicorn from Buy Buy Baby.)

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We’ve also been loving our Boppy Pillow! It makes things super easy if you just want to lay your baby down to play. I set Zoë in hers and she’ll watch Disney Junior while laying down. Or I’ll put her facing backward on it so she can have some tummy time and work those muscles! (We got ours at Tj Maxx for $22 I think, depending where you buy or how you buy will also determine price.)

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Just before Babies ‘R’ Us closed we went and shopped around and found a cute mobile for Zoë’s crib. It was originally $40 which I think is CRAZY! But we got it for $14 which I was more willing to pay. Zoë’s crib set is a safari set which I got for Kinsley and passed down (it’s the cutest); the mobile is little flower balls which still matches her theme. I believe it’s Koala Baby Brand as well and Zoë is obsessed with it!

Also anything I mentioned it the first post we are still loving and always use but I didn’t want this blog post to be a million miles long so I decided not to reincorporate them all 😂

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I didn’t get to bed until 1 am and was up at 6:30am so I’m a bit tired today, but decided since I couldn’t sleep I might as well write!

I hope you guys have an awesome day, be sure to check out the rest of my blog; lots of fun things coming for sure!

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